A Conversation Between One and Four

Four came for a visit Sunday evening on the occasion of New Years Eve.  We ventured to the Walkplatz to watch the lights and fireworks.  Over coffee and a bit of chocolate, our conversation turned to “The circus” and why we are who we are.  Why do we value mastery of skill above all else?

Arnold and Mitchell were thought to be crazy because they believed that an aircraft could actually sink a boat. They demonstrated the skill of focus, belief and a willingness to standup for what they believed.   Richthofen, arguably the best pilot of his age, was clearly a master of aerial combat, he was also a master of the human condition and psychological warfare.  These are the people we fashion ourselves after.

To quote four, “Isn’t Love more important than skill?  Isn’t friendship more important?  Why are we not the John Lennon Society?  All you need is Love, right? Also, It’s okay to be friends with someone who doesn’t do anything well!”

I wonder if I could be friends with someone who didn’t know how to do anything well.  I honestly, don’t know anyone like that.  In my mind, I believe that everyone has a super power.  You might laugh at some of the super powers, but everyone has one thing that they are probably the best at in a one mile radius.

Four said I was missing the point.

After a bit, we moved on to the idea that amassing a Society based solely on the collection of skills was detrimental to the human condition.  That we had become more focused on learning and practicing, than living.

I believe who we are does not preclude any of these things.  I argue that the nature of who we are produces these things in abundance.

I know that I love Four, and that Love is a direct result of WHO she is.  But who is she?  She is the best striker.  She is best at being moody, because even when she is moody, she is beautiful.  She is the killer-queen when it comes to her one-liners.  And, in the middle of the night, she makes the best doughnuts while everyone else sleeps.  She is the best, and so she is Four and I love her.

I told her this…

And she said, “Yeah, but you’re still missing the point.”

6 Replies to “A Conversation Between One and Four”

  • Bwaaahahaha! That was horrible. Did you honestly confess your love and she threw you down like moldy brochen? Suck it up and get your stuff packed. We gotz to roll!

  • Just my two cents on the original discussion. The society’s fundamental purposes wasn’t just to collect skills, but rather to collect exceptional talent based on stereotypes. That’s just my opinion of course, but it goes back to the original manifesto. I know who Four is because I was on the committee for 2018. I can tell you with certainty that she is the Four. She fits the bill. I also know that One is a most definitely a One.

    A bit of useless trivia for you…

    There has not been a female four since 1958. I believe that bit of trivia is due the stereotype of Four.
    One is has been Female approximately 68% of the time since 1948.

    Another bit of trivia which is a bit a sad…
    One’s and Fours have never worked out. Ones solve problems with talking and Fours solve the same problem by trying to beat the crap out of it.

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