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Is it possible for me to get a updated copy of the historicals?  I know I am supposed to provide my public key, but I don’t know what to actually do with it.

Three 1972

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  • I went back and looked at what you said about Four and One. There are some other interesting anomalies. I think you are right though, the stereo type of the title clearly affects the data.

    And also, you are correct… There is no record of Fours and Ones ever getting together. If you gleen what information there is (it’s not like dating was actually being tracked), there are hookups all over the place except between One and Four. That is bizarrely incredible!

    I got your key now. See ur email.

    • This is hilarious. I respond to both of your threads…. on the wrong threads…. I’m sure you figured it out. 8p

      • There was something else I wanted to ask about I hope you know something about it. The school was established in 1948, but the Society was formed in 1949. It seems like such a quick thing to happen. I don’t why, but I just thought that a year seemed relatively short, and there isn’t any written record/minutes/stories… nothing, prior to 1951. Do you have anything from ’48-’51?

        • There are some documents that I have scanned in, however, you can go see the originals if you want to. They are in a time capsule in the underground East/West tunnel. I’ll send you the PDF scans, but you should go check that the originals are still there. It’s kind of fun finding them like a treasure hunt. I’ll give you the clue. “In the East/West passage at 271, find the skylight that isn’t full of sky. Something should be plugged in that isn’t.”

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