Should I be embarrassed that I didn’t know who U2 is?

So these two old guys walk in to the Park while I am reading and one of them says, “Hey, would you mind if we came if for a sit down?”.   My inside voice was like, “Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my park.”, but my outside voice said, “Sure.  Don’t touch anything.” and I went back to reading my book.

The two sat and talked for a bit, until on them finally said, “Hey, um, sorry to bother you, but you would be the Five would ya?”  At this point I made an assumption (Making an Ass out of you and Me), and I said, “Four.  Which one are you?”

“Oh I’m not any of them.  You’re the Four?  Really?”

Admittedly, I am getting really freaking sensitive about this, so I’m like, “Yeah, I’m the Four.  Say it with me, ‘Four’s a chick.’, Say It!”

“Wow, you are the Four!  Hey, Edge, Four’s a chick!  You got a bit of a chip there.  I got chips.  Whole lotta chips.  I don’t wanna dig, but I’m gonna.  You lost somebody?”

I immediately know this guys isn’t a brat, cause no brat asks stupid like stupid.  As usual, the mouth runs ahead and says “All the time.”

“I can see you’re unhappy.  Just cause your the Four, don’e  mean you got be mean, or angry. It’s all right to be — sad or dissatisfied.’.  Yeah I wrote don’e.   This guy had an accent.  I pegged it as Irish, but thought it was getting blended out, like he lived in the states or something. I was basically at the edge now, because I got enough therapists in my life.  Codgers coming into my park and giving me advice, BUT THEN, in runs Three, all gonzo like she gets.

“Do you know who this is?”, says Three

“No”, and turn back to my book.

“This is Bono and the Edge!”

“Who the %^#*$ is that?  Oh wait….I know you… You’re the two guys ruining my book!”

“Really?”, said Three all defensive like.

“Honestly, Three, who names their kids after a clown and cutlery?”

Then the old guy says, “It’s spelled with an N, not a Z, but Yeah, clown was kind of what I was going for.”

So I come to the conclusion the guy can at least laugh at himself. Hilarity ensues when the others come and I’m the only one who doesn’t know who these people are.  It turns out this is not their first visit to the part.  The last time they were here was during the fall of the Berlin wall.  Any way, I didn’t get to read my book.  Instead we went to the Europa for pizza.  Everyone goes to the Europa I guess.

So in failing to alienate these guys, I guess we got tickets to a Paris show.  Red Barron backstage @ Paris, September 8th.

We have 20 tickets.  6 are claimed.  Send a note through the back channel if you can come to Paris in September.  Members only… no spouses or kids…  So sez the Four.







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  • Dont’ feel bad. You’re too young. If you have an iPhone you probably got one of their albums gifted to you. I was there in Oct of 1990. They went to Berlin, but then wanted to see the sights and of course, all the studios are in Wiesbaden. They went to Odeon for something and along the way they hooked up with Five1990 (GRHS), and went downtown. After a bunch of partying, we went to the park to chill. Which is when they were introduced. I am actually surprised that they remembered the park or how to get there. It’s not exactly obvious, even to those to pass by it everyday.

  • That album got pushed to me. Not impressed. I supposed they could have pushed an older one that was good, but that probably would have acknowledged that the new one wasn’t any good. The new-new one, I like better. It’s a bit more “political” which isn’t my usual thing. Count me in though… I’ll drive. I can take 3.

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