Emergency meeting of the Six and Alumni


I’m not sure what to do and need help.  I received a call from Paul.   He is not well.  Something happened while performing in Berlin last night, and he is asking to come to the park tonight!  He said he is not coming alone.   He isn’t one of the Alumni and he wants to bring more non-alumn’s.   I have been told he has been invited before years ago, but Four (2018) indicated that she had actually found him the park a couple months back.   What do I do?   Can any Alumni can come to the park tonight and wait with me.

4 Replies to “Emergency meeting of the Six and Alumni”

  • I’m still here. I’ll come. This isn’t that big a deal. It usually more about keeping people away who might damage the park. These people believe that the park will help.

  • Dropped the package at the airport. One’s mom is going to need to be peeled off the ceiling. I don’t think she ever expected to find Bono sleeping on her couch. She will need to be talked down. I expect she has many questions, but I think the Alumni should stay out of it. Rather, this is probably a job that One should handle himself. Alles Klar?

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